(1) The hospice must be licensed under state law and must meet Medicare's conditions of participation for hospice programs and have a valid provider agreement with Medicare as conditions of enrollment in Medicaid. Medicare conditions of participation for hospice programs are set forth under 42 CFR 418.52 through 418.116.

(2) The above requirements are in addition to those contained in ARM 37.82.102, 37.85.401, 37.85.402, 37.85.406, 37.85.407, 37.85.410, and 37.85.414.

(3) The hospice must submit a physician listing with their provider application and update changes in the listing of the physicians who are hospice employees, including physician volunteers.

(4) The designated hospice must notify the department when the designated attending physician of a beneficiary in their care is not a hospice employee.


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