(1) A registered cardholder may submit a petition for an increase in the monthly purchase limits defined in 16-12-515, MCA, on a form approved by the department and submitted through the licensing system. 

(a) The department may take prior sales history and other factors deemed relevant into account when evaluating a petition for an increase in sales limits.

(b) The department may approve increases to the monthly purchase limits up to a maximum of 8 ounces of usable marijuana or the equivalent in marijuana products as described in (2).

(2) Usable marijuana may be in the form of flower or marijuana products. The following conversion shall be used to determine the allowable amounts of non-flower marijuana:

(a) 1 ounce of marijuana flower is equal to:

(i) 800 mg of THC in marijuana products including edibles; or

(ii) 8 grams or 8 mL of marijuana concentrate.

(b) A customer may purchase or possess any combination of marijuana flower or marijuana products if the total calculated conversion is equal to or less than the legal purchase or possession amount.


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