(1) An operator may apply for an amendment to its permit by submitting an application on a form provided by the department. Upon receipt of an amendment application and within the time limits provided in 82-4-432, MCA, the department shall evaluate the amendment application to determine if the requirements of the Act and this subchapter will be satisfied. 

(2) An application to amend a permit is acceptable if it meets the requirements of ARM 17.24.212 and includes the following:

(a) a new or additional bond or other security sufficient to cover additional estimated costs of reclamation required by ARM 17.24.203 and 17.24.220;

(b) a new landowner consultation form if required under ARM 17.24.206;

(c) a new zoning compliance form if required under ARM 17.24.223; and

(d) if the application to amend is for a standard permit, a revised plan of operation.

(3) An amendment becomes effective when the department notifies the applicant in writing that the information and materials provided to the department meet all the requirements of the Act and this subchapter and that the amendment is approved and issued by the department. Once approved, an amendment becomes part of the original permit. 


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