(1) The substance use disorder facility (SUDF) must maintain a current secured personnel file for each staff member. The file must include:

(a) a criminal history background information check;

(b) a Montana Child Protective Services check for SUDFs serving or housing adolescents; 

(c) documentation of all required orientation and ongoing training;

(d) an annual performance review signed and dated by the staff member and supervisor;

(e) copies of certification or licensure documents necessary for the staff member's position and/or title;

(f) evidence of an independent contractor status and contractual agreements for contracted staff members;

(g) a signed statement acknowledging the staff member has been oriented and agrees to abide by all confidentiality requirements;

(h) resume or job application;

(i) disciplinary actions and grievances; and

(j) a copy of a current job description which includes:

(i) job title;

(ii) minimum qualifications for the position; and

(iii) summary of duties and responsibilities.


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