(1)  The local board of trustees shall implement a mentorship and induction program as outlined in the integrated strategic action plan described in ARM 10.55.601 that: 

(a)  is research-based to ensure inclusion of high-impact professional learning strategies;

(b)  is implemented to assist initial licensed and incoming educators in meeting teaching standards embedded in the district evaluation framework outlined in ARM 10.55.724;

(c)  supports initial licensed and incoming teachers' planning, implementation, and assessment of instruction aligned to the program area and content standards and content-specific learning progressions;

(d)  supports initial licensed and incoming teachers to establish and maintain a positive classroom climate; and

(e)  encourages continuous learning, reflection, and growth.

(2)  The mentorship and induction program may include the following criteria:

(a)  provide training for mentors through the Montana Teacher Learning Hub, professional organizations, or other professional development opportunities;

(b)  prioritize mentor-mentee matches that are grade and subject-level aligned;

(c)  focus on research-based instructional practice;

(d)  engage with mentoring partners in professional collaboration; and

(e)  establish effective coaching for learning methods.


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