(1)  In general, a basic program in English language arts and literacy shall: 

(a)  meet the following conditions:

(i)  promote reading, writing, speaking, and listening for creative and purposeful expression in language;

(ii) engage with high-quality literary and informational text that builds knowledge, expands experiences, and broadens views; and

(iii) emphasize reasoning and use of evidence that is essential for deliberation;

(iv)  make available a variety of print and non-print materials encompassing fiction and non-fiction, classic and contemporary works, and diverse perspectives including Montana American Indian works; and

(v) promote critical reading that is necessary to navigate the vast amount of information available both in print and digitally; and

(b)  include the following practices:

(i)  integrate reading, literature, writing, speaking, listening, and media literacy with a balanced approach supported by current research and/or based on best practices in the field of English language arts and literacy;

(ii)  emphasize multiple strategies and artistic forms to teach the conventions, demands, and responsibilities of language;

(iii) emphasize writing as a process;

(iv) provide opportunities for informal and formal speaking and listening;

(v) offer experiences in viewing, creating, and critically evaluating different types of media; and

(vi) encourage co-curricular offerings in drama, speech, debate, journalism, literary publications, and other related activities.


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