(1) In general, a basic program in career and vocational/technical education shall:

(a) meet the following conditions:

(i) skill development leading to lifelong pursuits;

(ii) program development in consultation with an advisory council; and

(iii) opportunities for authentic application, work experience, and/or articulation with postsecondary education.

(b) include the following practices:

(i) foster skill development for employment, advanced training, and lifelong learning;

(ii) input from representatives of business and industry;

(iii) analysis of skills and knowledge required in paid and non-paid careers;

(iv) leadership, character development, character, and employability skills through participation in career and technical student organizations (CTSOs);

(v) progression of skills and knowledge from basic to advanced; and

(vi) integration of career and technical competencies with academic knowledge in a contextual setting.


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