(1) A high school shall require a minimum of 20 units of credit for graduation, including ninth grade units.

(a) A unit of credit is defined as the equivalent of at least 8100 minutes for one year, equivalent proficiency without regard to time, or demonstration of an equivalent course that meets the district's curriculum and assessment requirements, which are aligned with each of the content standards.

(b) Passage of time between classes may be counted toward the standard school day but shall not be counted toward class time.

(2) A student who is unable to attend class for the required amount of time may be given fractional credit for partial completion of a course, with the local board of trustees' permission.

(3) The local board of trustees may waive specific course requirements based on individual student needs and performance levels. Waiver requests shall also be considered with respect to age, maturity, interest, and aspirations of the students and shall be in consultation with the parents or guardians.

(4) With the permission of the local board of trustees, a student may be given credit for a course satisfactorily completed in a period of time shorter or longer than normally required and, provided that the course meets the district's curriculum and assessment requirements, which are aligned with the content standards stated in the education program. Examples of acceptable course work include those delivered through correspondence, extension, and distance learning courses, adult education, summer school, work study, specially designed courses, and challenges to current courses. Acceptable programs must be consistent with the local board of trustees' policy.

(a) Montana high schools shall accept such units of credit taken with the approval of the accredited Montana high school in which the student was then enrolled and which appear on the student's official high school transcript as defined in ARM 10.55.911.


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