(1) An applicant for renewal of a limited permit shall affirm on the renewal form that the applicant has completed six contact hours (one hour equals not less than 55-60 minutes) of continuing education as provided in this rule as a condition to establish eligibility for renewal. The continuing education requirement will not apply until after the licensee's first full year of licensure.

(2) Licensees who do not hold an American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT) credential are held to the same standard for continuing education requirements as an ARRT licensee and must report 12 hours of continuing education to the board annually with their renewal form. The ARRT continuing education requirements can be located at www.arrt.org.

(3) The permit holder is required to make records and documentation available to the board as proof of meeting the continuing education requirement, if so requested during a random audit.

(4) A random audit of the permit holder's continuing education will be conducted on an annual basis.

(5) The permit holder shall maintain records and documentation of completion of continuing education activities such as verification of participation forms, conference brochures, certificates, college or university transcripts or grade reports, articles, and book reviews.

(6) All continuing education must be germane to the radiographic portion of permit holder's profession and must contribute to the professional competence of a limited permit holder as determined by the board based on information presented on a form provided by the board.

(7) The board shall accept any continuing education offered or approved by the Montana or American Society of Radiologic Technologists or the American Medical Association.

(8) Subject to approval by the board, continuing education may be earned through college course work, according to the following limitations:

(a) the permittee must pass the course;

(b) one semester credit shall equal 15 contact hours of continuing education; and

(c) one quarter credit shall equal ten contact hours of continuing education.

(9) Continuing education requirements may be met by retaking the limited permit general examination and receiving a passing score. They may also be met by passing an advanced level examination not previously passed and for which the individual is eligible (e.g., additional categories).

(10) The board shall accept any continuing education accrued by attending seminars, lectures, or courses directly related to the individual's field of practice or operation not already approved by one of the professional organizations previously mentioned upon approval by the board. The sponsor or organization of any such continuing education may obtain board approved credit upon submission of information regarding the course content and participant evaluation procedures.

(11) Subject to approval by the board, continuing education may be earned for reading books germane to the profession, according to the following limitations:

(a) one contact hour shall be credited for each book or article up to a maximum of four contact hours per year; and

(b) documentation must be maintained in the form of a book review written by the permittee noting the author, title, publisher, and publishing date of the book or article.

(12) Continuing education will not be granted to participants for attending the same course more than once in a 12-month period.

(13) Continuing education credits earned that are more than the amount required will not be carried over into the following accreditation period.

(14) The board, in its discretion, reserves the right to deny credit for continuing education units that do not receive approval from the board within 30 days after attendance.

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