(1) Applicants for an aerial hunting permit must complete an aerial hunting application form prior to January 31 and submit with the appropriate fee. After January 31, applicants may apply under the same guidelines with no proration of fee.

(a) Application forms are available from the Department of Livestock, P.O. Box 202001, Helena, MT 59620-2001 or at www.liv.mt.gov.

(2) Applicants must provide a current certification from the Montana Aeronautics Division, Department of Transportation (AD, DOT) as proof of having met the following requirements:

(a) possessing a current pilot license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), with a private pilot's license as a minimum rating;

(b) having at least 200 total flying hours;

(c) having met FAA and AD, DOT requirements for aircraft and pilots.

(3) The department may refuse to issue a permit, or revoke an existing permit, if the permit application contains false information.

(4) Montana aerial hunting permits are not required under the following:

(a) Individuals have contracted with U.S.D.A, A.P.H.I.S., Wildlife Services to provide aerial hunting services in Montana.

(b) Said contractors must obtain a permit and comply with MDOL rules when engaging in any aerial hunting not performed under the W.S. contract.


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