18.15.901    DEFINITIONS

The following definitions apply in this chapter:

(1)  "Charging station operator" means a person, firm, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, corporation, limited liability company, or other lawfully recognized business entity that operates a public charging station, regardless of ownership.

(2) "Charging station owner" means the entity that is the public utility customer, or a public utility that owns a public charging station or public legacy charging station.

(3)  "Electric meter" for purposes of [Ch. 619, L. 2023, Section 3] means an electric meter or sub meter installed or approved by the public utility exclusively dedicated to the public charging station or public legacy charging station for the public utility's billing purposes for billing of electricity and or the kWh tax.

(4) "Metered system," "metering system," and "metering device" mean the charging station's internal embedded meter.

(5) "Rated capacity" means the charging station manufacturer's rated capacity.


History: 15-70-104, MCA; [Ch. 619, L. 2023, Section 5]; IMP, [Ch. 619, L. 2023, Section 1]; NEW, 2023 MAR p. 1186, Eff. 10/7/23.