(1) For purposes of this subchapter, the department adopts and incorporates by reference the following:

(a) 40 CFR 51.214 and 40 CFR Part 51, Appendix P, which set forth EPA minimum emissions monitoring requirements for the Montana State Implementation Plan;

(b) 40 CFR 60.13 and 40 CFR Part 60, Appendix B, which set forth EPA performance specification and test procedures for continuous emission monitoring systems for new stationary sources;

(c) 40 CFR Part 63, which sets forth monitoring requirements and performance specifications for source categories of hazardous air pollutants;

(d) 40 CFR 72.2, which contains the definition of utility unit;

(e) 40 CFR Part 75, which describes the continuous emission monitoring requirements for acid rain sources subject to Title IV of the FCAA and sources subject to mercury monitoring requirements; and

(f) 40 CFR Part 266, subpart H and Appendix IX, which set forth compliance and monitoring requirements for boilers and industrial furnaces.

(2) Copies of materials incorporated by reference in this subchapter may be obtained as referenced in ARM 17.8.102(3) and (4).


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