(1) Each operator shall effectively secure surface facilities in areas in which there are no current operations, but in which operations are to be resumed under an approved permit. Temporary cessation does not relieve an operator of his obligation to comply with the provisions of the approved permit.

(2) Before temporary cessation of mining and reclamation operations extends for a period of 30 days or more, or as soon as it is known that a temporary cessation will extend beyond 30 days, an operator shall submit to the department a notice of intention to temporarily cease mining and reclamation operations. This notice must include a statement of the exact number of acres that will have been affected in the permit area, prior to such temporary cessation; the extent and kind of reclamation of those areas that will have been accomplished; and identification of the backfilling, regrading, revegetation, environmental monitoring, and water treatment activities that will continue during the temporary cessation.


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