36.12.111    MAP STANDARDS

(1) Maps or aerial photographs must be included with the application and the following items must be clearly identified on the map:

(a) north arrow;

(b) scale bar;

(c) section corners and numbers;

(d) township and range numbers;

(e) all proposed points of diversion;

(f) all proposed places of use;

(g) proposed reservoir locations, if applicable;

(h) proposed conveyance facilities; and

(i) date the aerial photograph was taken, if available.

(2) Additional maps must be submitted if the information on one map cannot convey the required information clearly.

(3) For change applications, in addition to the information required to be mapped in (1), the following items must be clearly identified on the map: 

(a)  all past points of diversion;

(b)  all past places of use;

(c)  all past reservoir locations, if applicable; and

(d)  all past locations of conveyance facilities.


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