(1) Excavations, artificially flat areas, or embankments that are created during prospecting must be returned to the approximate original contour promptly after the features are no longer needed for prospecting.

(2) All soil handling must be conducted in compliance with ARM 17.24.701 through 17.24.703.   Prior to any surface disturbance, all soil suitable for reclamation use must be salvaged and stored in an area that will be undisturbed and not subject to excessive wind or water erosion.   Exceptions may be granted if the operator demonstrates that the site-specific disturbance would be insignificant and that soil loss, contamination, or impairment of quality would not occur. Immediately upon cessation of operations, the soil must be replaced with the surface left in a roughened condition in such a manner that the disturbed area blends smoothly with the adjacent undisturbed land surface.


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