17.24.1013    DRILLING

If drilling is proposed, the prospecting plan must comply with the following:

(1) drill sites must not be constructed within 100 feet of stream channelways (dry or flowing) or in an area where drilling-related materials may enter stream channelways.   The department may grant site- or condition-specific exemptions to the 100-foot requirement;

(2) excavations and dozer work must be kept to a minimum.   All reasonable efforts must be made to locate drill sites in areas where no dozer work is necessary;

(3) portable mud pits must be used unless otherwise approved by the department;

(4) drilling mud and all other fluids must be confined to the site.   Cuttings must be disposed of in accordance with ARM 17.24.1005(3)(a).

(5) All refuse from drilling operations must be completely disposed of by hauling to an approved landfill dump, unless the department approves an alternate method of disposal that will be as environmentally protective.


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