(1) A record of each blast, including seismograph records,  must be retained for at least three years and must be available for inspection by the department and the public on request. Blasting records must be complete and accurate at the time of inspection. The record must contain the following data:

(a) name of the operator conducting the blast;

(b) location, date, and time of the blast;

(c) name, signature, and license number of blaster-in-charge;

(d) direction and distance, in feet, from the blast hole nearest to a dwelling, or commercial, public, community, or institutional building either:

(i) not located in the permit area; or

(ii) not owned nor leased by the person who conducts the mining activities.

(e) weather conditions, including temperature, wind direction, and approximate velocity;

(f) type of material blasted;

(g) number of holes, burden, and spacing;

(h) diameter and depth of holes;

(i) types of explosives used;

(j) total weight of explosives used and total weight of explosives used in each hole;

(k) maximum weight of explosives detonated within any eight-millisecond period;

(l) maximum number of holes detonated within any eight-millisecond period;

(m) initiation system;

(n) type and length of stemming;

(o) mats or other protections used;

(p) type of delay detonator and delay periods used;

(q) sketch of the delay pattern;

(r) number of persons in the blasting crew;

(s) seismographic and airblast records, where required, including:

(i) the calibration signal of the gain setting or certification of annual calibration;

(ii) seismographic reading, including exact location of seismograph and its distance from the blast, airblast reading, dates and times of readings;

(iii) name of the person taking the seismograph reading; and

(iv) name of the person and firm analyzing the seismographic record; and

(t) reasons and conditions for each blast occurring outside the time frames published in the blasting schedule.


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