(1) All revegetation must be in compliance with the approved reclamation plan and carried out in a manner that encourages prompt vegetation establishment.

(2) Revegetation must be accomplished by drill or broadcast seeding, by seedling transplants, by establishing sod plugs, or by other methods. All methods must have prior approval of the department. All seeding must be done on the contour, whenever possible. Mixed seedings must be conducted in a manner and at a time that will avoid deleterious competition of different vegetal types or to avoid seed distribution problems due to different seed sizes.

(3) Seeding rates must be calculated on a pure live seed basis, and purity and germination percentages must be documented.

(4) To the extent possible, the operator shall utilize seed mixes free of weedy or other undesirable species and shall utilize the best reclamation and land management techniques available to prevent establishment of noxious weeds on all disturbed and reclaimed areas. The operator shall control noxious weeds in accordance with the Noxious Weed Management Act (7-22-2101 through 7-22-2153, MCA, as amended).


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