(1) An operator may propose to the department a plan for a higher or better use as an alternative postmining land use pursuant to 82-4-232(7) and (8) , MCA. With appropriate maps, narrative, and other materials, the plan must:

(a) describe the nature of the alternative postmining land use;

(b) address all of the criteria in 82-4-232(8) and (9), MCA; and

(c) address the applicable requirements of ARM 17.24.823(1) .

(2) Each application for alternative postmining land use is subject to public review requirements of subchapter 4 either as part of a new application or as an application for a major revision. However, in its notice of application to government entities pursuant to ARM 17.24.401, the department shall allow 60 days for submission of comments from authorities having jurisdiction over land use policies and plans, and from appropriate state and federal fish and wildlife agencies.


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