(1) Except as provided in ARM 17.24.905, an application for a permit for in situ coal processing operations must be made according to all requirements of ARM 17.24.901. In addition, the mining and reclamation operations plan for operations involving in situ processing operations must contain information establishing how those operations will be conducted in compliance with the requirements of ARM 17.24.907, including:

(a) delineation of proposed holes and wells and production zones for approval of the department;

(b) specifications of drill holes and casings proposed to be used;

(c) a plan for treatment, confinement or disposal of all acid-forming, toxic-forming or radioactive gases, solids, or liquids constituting a fire, health, safety or environmental hazard caused by the mining and recovery process; and

(d) plans for monitoring surface and ground water and air quality as required by the department.

(2) No permit may be issued for in situ coal processing operations unless the department first finds, in writing, upon the basis of a complete application, that the operation will be conducted in compliance with all requirements of ARM 17.24.903 through 17.24.907.


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