(1) Inspectors shall examine mining and reclamation activities and promptly file with the department inspection reports adequate to determine whether violations exist.

(2) If it is determined on the basis of an inspection that the permittee is, or any condition or practice exists, in violation of any requirement of this part or any permit condition required by this part, the director or an authorized representative shall promptly issue a notice of noncompliance or order of cessation for the operation or the portion of the operation relevant to the condition, practice, or violation in accordance with 82-4-251, MCA, and this subchapter.

(3) The department may order changes in mining and reclamation plans as are necessary to ensure compliance with the Act and the rules adopted pursuant thereto.

(4) If on the basis of field inspection or review of records or reports the department determines that reclamation is unsuccessful in terms of the Act, the rules adopted pursuant thereto or permit conditions or requirements, the department shall order the operator to immediately investigate and determine the cause. The operator shall subsequently submit an investigative report along with a prescribed course of corrective action, so that alternatives can be employed to promptly ensure compliance with the Act, the rules adopted pursuant thereto, and the permit.


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