(1) Instructor certificates are not discipline-specific and POST may issue an instructor certificate to any public safety officer who meets the qualifications in these rules.

(2) A public safety officer providing POST-approved training as defined in these rules must be certified by the council as an instructor.

(3) To qualify as an instructor, the officer must meet the following requirements:

(a) two years of public safety experience;

(b) an active POST basic certificate in the officer's current discipline;

(c) an endorsement from the applicant's agency head; and

(d) successful completion of a POST-approved instructor development course or its equivalent. Effective October 28, 2017, all instructor development courses must be a minimum of 40 hours in length and must include a minimum of the following:

(i) 12 hours of curriculum design;

(ii) 8 hours of adult learning theories;

(iii) 8 hours of foundation skills for trainers;

(iv) 8 hours of training preparation and delivery; and

(v) 4 hours of context of training.

(4) Instructor certificates in any discipline issued prior to October 28, 2017 and any instructor certificate issued after October 28, 2017, may be renewed every four years.

(5) Officers who believe they are eligible for any instructor certificate must submit a completed application, pursuant to ARM 23.13.218. The council or the director may reject applications for instructor certification for failure to satisfy the required qualifications. The council or the director may recall, suspend, or revoke instructor certificates at any time for good cause to ensure the quality of the training programs.

(6) A misdemeanor probation/pretrial services officer who possessed a probation and parole basic certificate before March 28, 2020, meets the requirement of (3)(b). 


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