(1) Dogs and cats may enter the state of Montana provided they are transported or moved in conformity with applicable rules of this chapter, and are accompanied by an official health certificate of the state of origin issued by an accredited veterinarian attesting that the animals are:

(a) free from evidence of any infectious, contagious, communicable or parasitic disease, or known exposure thereto; and

(b) have been officially vaccinated by a licensed veterinarian against rabies in accordance with procedures recommended in the latest version of the U.S. Public Health Compendium for rabies vaccine, and are identified on the health certificate by the date of rabies vaccination and the serial number of the rabies vaccine and tag. Rabies vaccination requirements do not apply to puppies and kittens under three months of age.

(2) Dogs and cats from areas under any federal, state, county, or municipal rabies quarantine may not be permitted entrance into Montana except upon a permit from the state veterinarian of Montana obtained in advance of shipment.

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