(1) Any well that is to be permanently abandoned shall be completely filled in such a manner that vertical movement of water within the well bore, including vertical movement of water within the annular space surrounding the well casing, is effectively and permanently prohibited. All fluids within a well are to be permanently confined to the specific strata in which they were originally encountered.

(2) Abandoned wells must be completely filled with sealing material to within 3 feet of the surface. Any remaining hole shall be filled with naturally occurring soils.

(3) The abandoned well shall not produce water nor serve as a channel for movement of groundwater.

(4) In no instance shall abandoned wells be used for disposal of sewage, household waters or other contaminated material.

(5) Land surface shall be restored to a like condition, safe to livestock and humans.

(6) Where possible, all casings or liners shall be removed. In the event that the casing cannot be removed, it shall be cut off or driven downward so that the top of the casing is at least 3 feet below the ground surface.

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