(1) The owner or operator must run an electrical, radioactivity, or similar petrophysical log or combination of logs sufficient to determine formation tops from total depth to the base of the surface casing unless waived by the board administrator.

(2) Within 30 days after the completion, reworking, or abandonment of any well drilled to known productive horizons within a delineated field, the operator or owner must transmit to the board three copies of Form 4, four copies of Form 2, and two copies of all well logs; drill stem test survey reports; sample and core description logs, analyses, reports, water analyses; and all other logs, surveys, and reports run or made.

(3) In the case of a wildcat or exploratory well, the owner or operator must transmit to the board within 6 months after completion or abandonment three copies of Form 4, four copies of Form 2 and two copies of all logs, surveys, reports, and analyses run or made as described in subsection (2) . In the case of a stratigraphic well, said information must be sent to the board within three years from the date of completion.

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