37.106.2861    LAUNDRY

(1) Laundry service must be provided by the facility, either on the premises or off the facility site.

(2) If an assisted living facility processes its laundry on the premises it must:

(a) equip the laundry room with a mechanical washer and a dryer vented to the outside, hand washing facilities, a fresh air supply and a hot water supply system which supplies the washer with water of at least 110°F during each use;

(b) have ventilation in the sorting, holding and processing area that shall be adequate to prevent heat and odor build-up;

(c) dry all bed linen, towels and washcloths in a dryer; and

(d) ensure that facility staff handling laundry wash their hands both after working with soiled laundry and before they handle clean laundry.

(3) Resident's personal clothing must be laundered by the facility unless the resident or the resident's family accepts this responsibility. If the facility launders the resident's personal clothing, the facility is responsible for returning the clothing. Residents capable of laundering their own personal clothing and wishing to do so shall be provided the facilities and necessary assistance by the facility.

(4) The facility shall provide a supply of clean linen in good condition at all times that is sufficient to change beds often enough to keep them clean, dry and free from odors. Facility provided linens must be changed at least once a week and more often if the linens become dirty. In addition, the facility must ensure that each resident is supplied with clean towels and washcloths that are changed at least twice a week, a moisture-proof mattress cover and mattress pad, and enough blankets to maintain warmth and comfort while sleeping.

(5) Residents may use their own linen in the facility if they choose.

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