(1) An assisted living category B endorsement to the license shall be made by the licensing bureau of the department only after:

(a) initial department approval of the facility's category B policy and procedures;

(b) evidence of the administrator's and facility staff qualifications; and

(c) written approval from the building and fire code authorities having jurisdiction.

(2) An assisted living category B facility shall employ or contract with a registered nurse to provide or supervise nursing service to include:

(a) general health monitoring on each category B resident;

(b) performing a nursing assessment on category B residents when and as required;

(c) assistance with the development of the resident health care plan and, as appropriate, the development of the resident service plan; and

(d) routine nursing tasks, including those that may be delegated to licensed practical nurses (LPN) and unlicensed assistive personnel in accordance with the Montana Nurse Practice Act.

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