(1) Before a prospective pupil may enter a Montana postsecondary school, the prospective pupil must provide the school with the proof of measles (rubeola) and rubella immunity as specified in (2) or (3), whichever is applicable.

(2) If a prospective pupil was born in 1957 or later, the school must receive either:

(a) adequate documentation that:

(i) the prospective pupil was administered two doses of live MMR or MR vaccine, or any equivalent combination of measles and rubella vaccines, subject to the restrictions in ARM 37.114.712(2); and

(ii) dose one was administered at or after 12 months of age, and dose two was administered at least 28 days after dose one; or

(b) a CLIA approved laboratory report that meets the requirements of ARM 37.114.712(2) and indicates the prospective pupil is immune to measles and rubella.

(3) If a prospective pupil was born prior to 1957, the school must receive either:

(a) one of the forms of proof of measles and rubella immunity cited in (2); or

(b) the evidence of date of birth before January 1, 1957, required by ARM 37.114.712(2).

(4) In the event of an outbreak of either measles or rubella, a pupil must provide the documentation required by either (2)(a) or (b) or be excluded from classes and other school sponsored activities until the local health officer indicates to the school that the outbreak is over. If the laboratory documentation required by (2)(b) is provided, the laboratory report need only show immunity to whichever of the two diseases is the cause of the outbreak.

(5) The school must maintain a list of pupils who were born prior to 1957 and who provide the school only with the documentation specified in (3)(b). In the event of an outbreak of measles or rubella, the school must exclude those pupils as required by (4).

(6) A pupil who enters a postsecondary school may be conditionally enrolled as allowed by ARM 37.114.711 if that pupil has received only one dose of MMR or MR, but must have received the second dose before being eligible to attend during the next school term.

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