(1) A prospective pupil who does not meet school immunization entry requirements for a preschool or a school offering any portion of kindergarten through grade 12 may be admitted to school under the following conditions:

(a) A physician or local health department must indicate on the department's conditional attendance form that immunization of the prospective pupil has already been initiated by the prospective pupil receiving, at a minimum, one dose of each of the vaccines required in ARM 37.114.705. If a prospective pupil is exempt from any of the foregoing vaccinations, the requirements of this rule apply to the remaining immunizations for which no exemption exists.

(b) The conditional attendance form must include the date each dose of the required vaccines are to be administered, the signature of the physician, the physician's designee or the school or public health official who established the foregoing immunization schedule, and the signature of a parent or guardian acknowledging the immunization schedule; and

(c) The parent or guardian must return the form to the school before the prospective pupil may attend.

(2) The conditional attendance form prescribed by the department must be used to document conditional attendance status and must be retained in the pupil's school record.

(3) If the pupil who is attending school conditionally fails to receive vaccines on the date they are due, as stated on the conditional exemption form, the pupil must:

(a) be vaccinated;

(b) qualify for and claim an exemption from the immunizations not received and documented; or

(c) be excluded immediately from school by the school administrator or by their designee.

(4) A pupil who is excluded from school due to failure to meet the requirements of the conditional exemption may return to school only after the school receives the required documentation that the pupil has been administered the vaccines that were due according to the immunization schedule on the conditional form. If additional immunizations are still required, a physician, physician's designee or the school or public health official must reestablish the schedule as stated in (1)(b).

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