(1) Postsecondary schools must keep immunization data for each pupil either on HES 101 or on another document that includes, at a minimum:

(a) the pupil's name and birth date;

(b) the vaccination dose type administered to the pupil; and

(c) the month, day, and year each dose was administered, unless only the month and year of administration are known, in which case the administration date will be considered to be the first day of that month.

(2) Documentation of the proof of measles and rubella immunity required by ARM 37.114.709 must meet the following standards:

(a) there must be adequate documentation of the doses required by ARM 37.114.709, subject to the following restrictions:

(i) no measles vaccination given before 1967 is valid; and

(ii) no rubella vaccination given before 1969 is valid;

(b) if the pupil was born prior to January 1, 1957, proof of age must be made through a driver's license, school transcript, birth certificate, or passport, as long as the date of birth is indicated on the document;

(c) if a laboratory report is submitted to prove immunity, it must come from a CLIA approved laboratory report and:

(i) indicate that the person is immune to either measles and rubella;

(ii) specify the type of test performed and the test date; and

(iii) include a determination from the clinician interpreting the laboratory results.

(3) The documentation of immunization status must be kept on file with the immunization records required by (1).

History: 20-5-407, MCA; IMP, 20-5-406, MCA; NEW, 2005 MAR p. 1074, Eff. 7/1/05.