(1) In addition to any notification required by ARM 37.14.755, each licensee or registrant shall make a report in writing within 30 days to the department of:

(a) each exposure of an individual to radiation in excess of the applicable limits in ARM 37.14.705 or 37.14.708(2) or the license;

(b) each exposure of an individual to radioactive material in excess of the applicable limits in ARM 37.14.707(1) , (2) or 37.14.708(3) , or the license;

(c) levels of radiation or concentrations of radioactive material in a restricted area in excess of any other applicable limit in the license;

(d) any incident for which notification is required by ARM 37.14.755; and

(e) levels of radiation or concentrations of radioactive material, whether or not involving excessive exposure of any individual, in an unrestricted area in excess of 10 times any applicable limit set forth in this subchapter or in the license.

(2) Each report required under (1) of this rule shall describe the extent of exposure of individuals to radiation or to radioactive material, including estimates of each individual's exposure as required by (3) of this rule; levels of radiation and concentrations of radioactive material involved; the cause of the exposure, levels or concentrations; and corrective steps taken or planned to assure against a recurrence.

(3) Any report filed with the department pursuant to this rule shall include for each individual exposed the name, social security number, and date of birth, and an estimate of the individual's dose. The report shall be prepared so that this information is stated in a separate part of the report.

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