(1) The purpose of this chapter is to establish standards for chemical dependency educational courses and the approval of those courses pursuant to 53-24-204 , MCA.

(2) Only chemical dependency treatment programs and facilities approved under 53-24-208 , MCA, and ARM 37.27.101 through 37.27.136 may receive approval for chemical dependency educational courses. Procedures for approval of educational courses will be the same as those specified in ARM 37.27.101 through 37.27.136.

(3) Chemical dependency treatment programs will charge the offender for the educational course utilizing the following:

(a) Educational courses and 1 year monitoring will be self supporting and fees charged will be based on actual costs.

(b) Initial fees (as of the effective date of this rule) and future fee increases must be reviewed and approved by the department.

(c) Offenders referred to treatment and/or monitoring via the assessment process are responsible for the costs of treatment and monitoring.

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