( 1) Program staff requirements are as follows:

(a) Individual assessment sessions must be provided by a certified chemical dependency counselor;

(b) Assessments which recommend treatment must be performed, signed and dated by a certified chemical dependency counselor; and

(c) Staff conducting the educational course component must receive an ACT program specific training course sponsored by the traffic safety bureau within 6 months from the date of hire and also be certified or eligible as a chemical dependency counselor as defined in ARM 20.3.401 through 20.3.416.

(2) Programs shall develop policies and procedures which address the ACT program requirements of these rules and shall include:

(a) Services and staff requirements;

(b) Procedures for determining cost and fees charged for the ACT program ; and

(c) Goals and objectives which address required effectiveness indicators shall include, but not be limited to ACT caseload, completion ratios, numbers of offenders recommended for treatment, and number of repeat offenders.

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