(1) Annual training is intended to help the foster parents gain further understanding regarding such issues as child maltreatment, child growth and development, family dysfunction, permanency planning, emergency or long term medical needs of children, and age appropriate preparation of youth for independent living.

(2) Training must be provided or approved by the department and may include training on the following topics:

(a) separation and grieving;

(b) loss and attachment;

(c) alternatives to physical discipline and an explanation of the department's policy on physical discipline;

(d) positive parenting techniques;

(e) the department's and foster parents' roles and responsibilities;

(f) biological family rights and responsibilities;

(g) how and why children come into foster care;

(h) types and behaviors of children in foster care;

(i) placement process;

(j) confidentiality;

(k) sexual abuse;

(l) drugs and alcohol;

(m) interpersonal communications;

(n) foster parent insurance; and

(o) other topics approved by the department.

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