(1) Periodic redetermination of eligibility:

(a) where an individual has been determined eligible, eligibility will be reconsidered or redetermined:

(i) at the time required when the department has information obtained previously about anticipated changes in the individual's situation which might affect eligibility;

(ii) within 30 days after a report is obtained which indicates that changes in the individual's circumstances may affect the individual's eligibility; and

(iii) at least every six months if the client is categorically eligible related to FAIM financial assistance; or

(iv) at least every 12 months if the client is categorically eligible related to SSI.

(2) The department will provide recipients with timely and adequate notice of proposed action to terminate, discontinue or suspend their eligibility or to reduce or discontinue services they may receive under medicaid.

(a) Timely notice is as defined in ARM 37.5.505.

(3) In redetermining eligibility, the department will also review case records for the recipient's SSN or, in the case of families, each family member's SSN. If the case record does not contain the SSN's, the department will require them in accordance with ARM 37.82.201(6) .

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