(1) Changes to the rules may include amendments to existing rules, the addition of new rules, transfer of existing rules, or repeal of rules. When changes are made to the rules, the affected pages of the ARM are replaced quarterly to include the changes. These new pages are referred to as replacement pages. The footer date included on all replacement pages indicates the last day of the quarter for which that page has been printed.

(a) New titles, chapters, subchapters, and rules are placed in numerical order in their respective table of contents.

(b) New rules are placed in numerical order in the appropriate place in ARM.

(c) The text of an amended rule replaces the existing rule in the ARM.

(d) When a rule is repealed, the following information is printed in the ARM where the language of the rule formerly appeared:

(i) the rule number;

(ii) the catchphrase, followed by (REPEALED) ; and

(iii) the complete history note.

(e) All rule actions are reflected in a history note to the rule (see ARM 1.2.217) .

(2) If there is a discrepancy between the rule text in the ARM and the text in the Register proposal or adoption notices, the text of the Register notices prevails as the correct text.

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