(1) All applications or petitions shall include at least the following:

(a) A clear and concise statement of the authorization or other relief sought. The statement shall cite the statutory provisions under which the authority or other relief is sought.

(b) The exact legal name and post office address of each

party seeking the authorization or relief, the address or principal place of business of such party, and the name and post office address of such party's attorney, if any.

(c) A concise and explicit statement of the facts which said party is prepared to prove by competent evidence and upon which the commission is expected to rely in granting authorization or relief.

(d) Said petition or applications may also include other pertinent and relevant data and there may be attached to said petition exhibits, illustrations and sworn testimony.

(e) Nothing in this rule shall be construed as applying to tariff filings.

History: 69-3-103, 69-2-101, 69-12-201(2) and 69-1-110(3), MCA; IMP, 69-2-101, MCA; NEW, 1977 MAR p. 1200, Eff. 12/24/77.