10.6.101    SCOPE OF RULES

(1) These rules govern the procedure for conducting all hearings on school controversy cases arising under the provisions of Title 20, MCA, before the county superintendent or the county transportation committee, and all appeals to the state superintendent of public instruction. These rules shall be construed to secure the just, speedy and inexpensive determination of every action. All rules promulgated by former state superintendents with regard to school controversies are hereby repealed.

(a) All matters appealed to the county transportation committee shall be governed by these rules of controversy. It shall be the duty of the county superintendent, as chairperson of the county transportation committee, to ensure compliance. All references made in this chapter to the county superintendent as to the procedure on these school rules shall also include the county transportation committee where appropriate.

(b) All controversies arising under any other provision of Title 20, MCA for which a procedure for resolving controversies is not expressly prescribed shall be governed by these rules.

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