(1) All applicators, including farm applicators, must maintain and submit, upon request by the department, a record of each restricted-use aquatic herbicide application.

(a) These records shall include:

(i) name of the applicator and/or operator;

(ii) name of the ditch, canal, or area treated and county where located;

(iii) application point(s) and areas of ditch, canal or other surface waters treated;

(iv) company name, trade name, and the EPA registration number or formulation of the herbicide(s) used;

(v) date of application and amount and rate of herbicide used;

(vi) weeds controlled;

(vii) type of equipment used and method of application.

(b) These records will satisfy reporting requirements for all non-farm applicators described within ARM 4.10.207(1) . The records required in ARM 4.10.315 will satisfy the requirements for applicators subject to ARM 4.10.208(8) . Farm applicators are exempt from the reporting requirements of ARM 4.10.207(8) .

History: Sec. 80-8-105 MCA; IMP, Sec. 80-8-105 MCA; NEW, 1982 MAR p. 560, Eff. 3/26/82; AMD, 1986 MAR p. 1007, Eff. 6/13/86; AMD, 1991 MAR p. 354, Eff. 3/29/91.