Rule Chapter: 8.40
Chapter Title: BOARD OF PHARMACY (Transferred to LABOR AND INDUSTRY, TITLE 24)
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8.40.101 Board Organization TRANS
8.40.201 Procedural Rules TRANS
8.40.202 Public Participation Rules TRANS
8.40.401 Definitions TRANS
8.40.402 Change in Address and/or Employment TRANS
8.40.403 Examination for Licensure as a Registered Pharmacist TRANS
8.40.404 Fee Schedule TRANS
8.40.405 Explosive Chemicals REP
8.40.405A Prescription Requirements TRANS
8.40.406 Labeling for Prescriptions TRANS
8.40.406A Records of Dispensing TRANS
8.40.407 Copy of Prescription TRANS
8.40.408 Prescription Copies for Legend Drugs REP
8.40.408A T ransfer of Prescriptions TRANS
8.40.409 Prescription Required for Schedule V TRANS
8.40.410 Record of Prescriptions - Inspection REP
8.40.411 Returned Prescription TRANS
8.40.412 Vending Machines REP
8.40.413 Alternate Delivery of Prescriptions TRANS
8.40.414 Legal Suspension or Revocation TRANS
8.40.415 Unprofessional Conduct TRANS
8.40.416 Transmission of Prescriptions by Electronic Means TRANS
8.40.417 Transfer of License from Another State TRANS
8.40.418 Screening Panel TRANS
8.40.419 Complaint Procedure TRANS
8.40.501 Definitions REP
8.40.502 Automated Record Keeping Systems TRANS
8.40.503 Security TRANS
8.40.601 General License Requirements TRANS
8.40.602 Sanitation and Equipment Requirements TRANS
8.40.603 New Pharmacy TRANS
8.40.604 Change in Location TRANS
8.40.605 Change in Ownership TRANS
8.40.606 Change of Pharmacist-in-Charge TRANS
8.40.607 Licenses to be Posted TRANS
8.40.608 Annual Renewal TRANS
8.40.701 Purpose REP
8.40.702 Definitions TRANS
8.40.703 Class I Facility TRANS
8.40.704 Class II Facility TRANS
8.40.705 Class III Facility TRANS
8.40.706 Class IV Facility TRANS
8.40.901 Summary of Objectives TRANS
8.40.902 Internship Program Definitions TRANS
8.40.903 Internship Requirements TRANS
8.40.904 Preceptor Requirements TRANS
8.40.905 Approved Training Areas TRANS
8.40.906 Required Forms and Reports TRANS
8.40.907 Out-of-State Internship TRANS
8.40.908 Practical Examination REP
8.40.909 Revocation or Suspension of Certificate TRANS
8.40.1001 Requirements TRANS
8.40.1002 Subjects TRANS
8.40.1003 Approved Programs TRANS
8.40.1004 Renewal Notice and Application TRANS
8.40.1005 Non-Compliance TRANS
8.40.1201 Introduction REP
8.40.1202 Definitions REP
8.40.1203 Requirements for Registration TRANS
8.40.1204 Exemptions REP
8.40.1205 Acceptance for Filing - Defective Applications REP
8.40.1206 Certificate of Registration - Denial REP
8.40.1207 Application for Registration or Renewal TRANS
8.40.1208 Application Forms TRANS
8.40.1209 Fees TRANS
8.40.1210 Right to Inspect REP
8.40.1211 Inspections of Establishments REP
8.40.1212 Required Records TRANS
8.40.1213 Security Requirements TRANS
8.40.1214 Suspension or Revocation REP
8.40.1215 Additions, Deletions and Rescheduling of Dangerous Drugs TRANS
8.40.1301 Use of Pharmacy Technician TRANS
8.40.1302 Qualifications of Pharmacy Technician TRANS
8.40.1303 Application for Approval of Utilization Plan TRANS
8.40.1304 Tasks and Functions of Pharmacy TRANS
8.40.1305 Pharmacy Technician Training TRANS
8.40.1306 Contents of Training Course TRANS
8.40.1307 Inspection of Utilization Plan and Training Record TRANS
8.40.1308 Ratio of Pharmacy Technicians to Supervising Pharmacists TRANS
8.40.1401 Wholesale Drug Distributor Licensing TRANS
8.40.1402 Minimum Information Required for Licensure TRANS
8.40.1403 Personnel TRANS
8.40.1404 Minimum Requirements for Storage and Handling of Drugs TRANS
8.40.1405 Minimum Requirements for Establishment and Maintenance of Drug Distribution Records TRANS
8.40.1406 National Clearinghouse for Wholesale Drug Distributor Licensing TRANS
8.40.1501 Patient Records TRANS
8.40.1502 Prospective Drug Review TRANS
8.40.1503 Patient Counseling TRANS
8.40.1601 Registration of Out-of-State Mail Service Pharmacies TRANS
8.40.1602 Agent of Record TRANS
8.40.1603 Conditions of Registration TRANS
8.40.1604 Compliance TRANS
8.40.1605 Disciplinary Action TRANS
8.40.1606 Identification of Pharmacist-in- Charge of Dispensing to Montana TRANS
8.40.1607 Use of Pharmacy Technicians by Out-of-State Mail Service Pharmacies TRANS
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