Rule Chapter: 8.70
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8.70.101 Incorporation By Reference Of Uniform Building Code TRANS
8.70.102 Incorporation By Reference Of Uniform Housing Code REP
8.70.103 Incorporation By Reference Of Uniform Code For The Abatement Of Dangerous Buildings REP
8.70.104 Incorporation By Reference Of The Model Energy Code TRANS
8.70.105 Incorporation By Reference Of Uniform Mechanical Code TRANS
8.70.106 Incorporation By Reference of Recommended Requirements To Code Officials For Solar Heating, Cooling And Hot Water Systems REP
8.70.107 Incorporation By Reference Of Uniform Mitigation Plan REP
8.70.108 Incorporation By Reference Of CABO One & Two Family Dwelling Code TRANS
8.70.109 Incorporation By Reference Of Part II, Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards REP
8.70.110 Incorporation By Reference Of The Uniform Code For Building Conservation TRANS
8.70.201 Introduction REP
8.70.202 Extent Of Local Programs TRANS
8.70.203 Adoption Of Codes TRANS
8.70.204 Coordination Of Plan Reviews REP
8.70.205 Inspections REP
8.70.206 Inspector Qualifications REP
8.70.207 Minimum Staffing Requirements REP
8.70.208 Funding Of Code Enforcement Program TRANS
8.70.209 Factory-Built Buildings TRANS
8.70.210 School Plans REP
8.70.211 Extension Of Municipal Jurisdictional Area REP
8.70.212 Revocation Of Local Government Certification REP
8.70.213 Assumption Of Code Enforcement By The State REP
8.70.214 Certification Of Code Enforcement Programs TRANS
8.70.215 Staff Qualification TRANS
8.70.216 Annual Report TRANS
8.70.217 Audit TRANS
8.70.218 Certification Of Extended Jurisdictional Area REP
8.70.219 Decertification Of Code Enforcement Programs TRANS
8.70.220 Building Codes Education Fund Assessment TRANS
8.70.221 Code Interpretations TRANS
8.70.222 Code Technical Advisories TRANS
8.70.223 Single Family Dwelling Plan Review And Approval Of Model Plans TRANS
8.70.301 Definitions REP
8.70.302 Incorporation By Reference Of Uniform Plumbing Code TRANS
8.70.303 Minimum Required Plumbing Fixtures TRANS
8.70.304 Plumbing Permits TRANS
8.70.305 Plumbing Inspections TRANS
8.70.401 National Electrical Code TRANS
8.70.402 Wiring Standards TRANS
8.70.403 Electrical Inspectors TRANS
8.70.404 Electrical Permit TRANS
8.70.405 Cover (Rough-In) Inspections TRANS
8.70.406 Final Inspection TRANS
8.70.407 Electrical Inspections Fees TRANS
8.70.408 Temporary Electrical Connections TRANS
8.70.409 Carnivals, Fairs, Outdoor Concerts And Similar Amusement Establishments And Other Public Assemblies Of A Temporary Nature TRANS
8.70.410 Refunds Or Credits TRANS
8.70.501 Incorporation By Reference Of NFPA 501C/ANSI A119.2 Standard For Recreational Vehicles REP
8.70.502 Applicability Of State Statutes And Adopted Administrative Rules TRANS
8.70.503 Definitions TRANS
8.70.504 Effective Date Of Requirements Relating To Sales TRANS
8.70.505 Use Of Mobile Homes And Recreational Vehicles For Commercial Or Business Occupancy Prohibited--Exception TRANS
8.70.506 Incorporation By Reference Of ANSI A119.5 American National Standard For Park Trailers REP
Rules 8.70.507 through 8.70.510 reserved
8.70.511 Enforcement Generally TRANS
8.70.512 Bureau Inspectors TRANS
8.70.513 Third Party Inspections To Be Monitored TRANS
8.70.514 Inspection Of Manufacturer TRANS
8.70.515 Inspection Of Dealer TRANS
8.70.516 Product Standards TRANS
8.70.517 Alternatives TRANS
8.70.518 Approval Of Manufacturer TRANS
8.70.519 Requested Inspection REP
8.70.520 Issuance Of Insignia REP
8.70.521 State Building Code Interpretation TRANS
8.70.522 Reciprocity TRANS
8.70.523 Information Required To Be Submitted Upon Delivery Of Unit To Dealer TRANS
8.70.524 Requirements For Data Plate TRANS
Rules 8.70.525 through 8.70.530 reserved
8.70.531 Application For Typical Structure Design Approval TRANS
8.70.532 Application For Electrical, Mechanical And Plumbing System Approval TRANS
8.70.533 Application For Custom-Made Factory-Built Building Unit Review TRANS
8.70.534 Application For Model Plan Review TRANS
8.70.535 Application For In-Plant Quality Control Manual Review TRANS
8.70.536 Calculations And Test Procedures TRANS
8.70.537 Model Manufactured At More Than One Location TRANS
8.70.538 Out-Of-State Applicant TRANS
8.70.539 Non-Conforming Application And Plans TRANS
8.70.540 Evidence Of Bureau's Review TRANS
8.70.541 Plan Review Termination TRANS
8.70.542 In-Plant Quality Control TRANS
8.70.543 Transmission Of Review Materials To Reciprocal State TRANS
8.70.544 Changes To Reviewed Plans TRANS
8.70.545 Change Of Ownership TRANS
8.70.546 Change Of Name Or Address TRANS
8.70.547 Discontinuance Of Manufacture TRANS
8.70.548 Unit Identification TRANS
8.70.549 Plan Renewal TRANS
Rules 8.70.550 through 8.70.555 reserved
8.70.556 Insignia--When Required TRANS
8.70.557 Application For Insignia Pursuant To Plan Review TRANS
8.70.558 Denial Of Insignia TRANS
8.70.559 Insignia Removal TRANS
8.70.560 Lost Or Damaged Insignia TRANS
8.70.561 Alteration Voids Review--Return Or Confiscation Of Insignia TRANS
8.70.562 Alteration Or Conversion Of Unit Bearing Insignia TRANS
8.70.563 Effect Of Insignia TRANS
Rules 8.70.564 and 8.70.565 reserved
8.70.566 In-State Plan And System Review Fees For Factory-Built Buildings TRANS
8.70.567 Plan And System Review Fees For Factory-Built Buildings Handled Through Reciprocal States REP
8.70.568 Insignia Fees TRANS
8.70.569 Miscellaneous Fees TRANS
8.70.570 In-State Plan And System Review Fees For Recreational Vehicles REP
Rules 8.70.571 through 8.70.575 reserved
8.70.576 Notice Of Violations TRANS
8.70.577 Violation And Hearings TRANS
8.70.601 Incorporation By Reference Of Elevator Code TRANS
8.70.602 Units Covered By Elevator Inspection Program REP
8.70.603 Reinspection TRANS
8.70.604 Certificates Of Inspection TRANS
8.70.605 Accidents TRANS
8.70.606 Violations, Appeals, And Variances TRANS
Rules 8.70.607 through 8.70.610 reserved
8.70.611 Certification Of Maintenance And Insurance Companies As Inspectors TRANS
8.70.612 Inspections By Certified Maintenance Or Insurance Companies TRANS
8.70.701 Introduction REP
8.70.702 Building Demolitions REP
8.70.703 Asbestos-Containing Spray Products REP
8.70.801 Fired Pressure Vessels -- Definitions REP
8.70.802 Certification Of Special Boiler Inspector REP
8.70.803 Inspection REP
8.70.804 Boilers Exempted From Inspection REP
8.70.805 Hydrostatic Test REP
8.70.806 Manufacturers' Data Reports REP
8.70.807 Special Designed Boilers REP
8.70.808 Application Of State Serial Numbers REP
8.70.809 Inspection Reports REP
8.70.810 External And Internal Inspections To Be Reported REP
8.70.811 Insurance Companies To Notify The Bureau Of New, Canceled, Or Not Renewed Risks REP
8.70.812 Insurance Companies To Notify Bureau Of Defective Boilers REP
8.70.813 Owner To Notify The Bureau In Case Of Accident REP
8.70.814 Validity Of Operating Certificate REP
8.70.815 Suspension Of Operating Or Inspection Certificate REP
8.70.816 Condemned Boilers REP
8.70.817 Nonstandard Boilers REP
8.70.818 Secondhand Boilers REP
8.70.819 Reinstalled Boilers REP
8.70.820 Repairs To Conform To ASME Code REP
8.70.821 Controls REP
8.70.822 Safety And Relief Valves REP
8.70.823 Inspection Of Boilers REP
8.70.824 Prescribed Method Of Owner Preparation For Internal Inspection REP
8.70.825 Failure To Properly Prepare For Internal Inspection REP
8.70.826 Lap Seam Cracks REP
8.70.827 Hydrostatic Pressure Tests REP
8.70.828 Low Water Fuel Cutoff REP
8.70.829 Safety Appliances REP
8.70.830 New Installations Of Boilers REP
8.70.831 Montana May Accept Other State-Stamped Boilers REP
8.70.832 New Installations To Be Inspected REP
8.70.833 Existing Installations Of Boilers REP
8.70.834 Cast Iron Headers And Mud Drums REP
8.70.835 Safety Valve Requirements REP
8.70.836 Relief Valves REP
8.70.837 Fusible Plugs REP
8.70.838 Water Columns, Gauge Glasses And Gauge Cocks REP
8.70.839 Steam Gauges REP
8.70.840 Stop Valves REP
8.70.841 Steam Gauges REP
8.70.842 Stop Valves REP
8.70.843 Blow-Off Piping REP
8.70.844 Repairs And Renewals Of Boiler Fittings And Appliances REP
8.70.845 Pressure On Cast Iron Boilers REP
8.70.846 ASME Code Boilers REP
8.70.847 Noncode Riveted Boilers REP
8.70.848 Existing Installations Of Power Boilers REP
8.70.849 Repairs And Renewals of Fittings And Appliances REP
8.70.901 Score Of Rules TRANS
8.70.902 Incorporation By Reference Of Boiler And Pressure Vessel Code TRANS
8.70.903 Definitions TRANS
8.70.904 Purchaser Of Boiler To Notify The Department TRANS
8.70.905 Operating Certificate TRANS
8.70.906 Fees TRANS
8.70.907 Boilers Exempted TRANS
8.70.908 Special Boiler Inspector Certification And Identification Card TRANS
8.70.909 Insurance Company To Provide Written Notification To The Department Of Change In Boiler Status TRANS
8.70.910 Boiler Inspections TRANS
8.70.911 Assignment Of State Identification Number TRANS
8.70.912 Minimum Construction Standards For Boilers TRANS
8.70.913 Boiler Safety Appliances TRANS
8.70.914 Boiler Repairs TRANS
8.70.915 Boiler Alterations TRANS
8.70.916 Traction Engines TRANS
8.70.1001 Adoption By Reference Of ARM 16.10.1503--Review Of Plans TRANS
8.70.1401 Application For Fireworks Wholesaler Permit TRANS
8.70.1402 Contents Of Fireworks Wholesale Permit TRANS
8.70.1501 Scope Of Rules TRANS
8.70.1502 Disclaimer TRANS
8.70.1503 Building Accessibility TRANS
8.70.1504 Site Accessibility TRANS
8.70.1505 Guidelines For Compliance With Requirements For Exterior Accessible Route And Parking Space TRANS
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