Notice Cycle 10-55-136
Dept.: (10) EDUCATION
Notice Files List


File Type Read File Summary MAR Issue Publish
312b View Notice file (Board of Public Education) Notice of Adoption, Amendment, and Repeal - Library Media Content Standards. #22 Rule Section 11/20/2020
309a View Notice file (Board of Public Education) Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Adoption, Amendment, and Repeal - Library Media Content Standards. #15 Notice Section 8/7/2020


Rule Actions List


Action Type Rule Nos.
Adoption I-->10.53.1201, II-->10.53.1202, III-->10.53.1203, IV-->10.53.1204, V-->10.53.1205, VI-->10.53.1206, VII-->10.53.1207, VIII-->10.53.1208, IX-->10.53.1209,
Amendment 10.55.1801(A),
Repeal 10.54.6510(RP), 10.54.6511(RP), 10.54.6512(RP), 10.54.6513(RP), 10.54.6520(RP), 10.54.6521(RP), 10.54.6522(RP), 10.54.6523(RP), 10.54.6530(RP), 10.54.6531(RP), 10.54.6532(RP), 10.54.6533(RP), 10.54.6540(RP), 10.54.6541(RP), 10.54.6542(RP), 10.54.6543(RP), 10.54.6550(RP), 10.54.6551(RP), 10.54.6552(RP), 10.54.6553(RP), 10.54.6601(RP), 10.54.6602(RP), 10.54.6603(RP), 10.54.6604(RP), 10.54.6605(RP), 10.54.6606(RP), 10.54.6607(RP), 10.54.6608(RP), 10.54.6609(RP), 10.54.6610(RP), 10.54.6611(RP), 10.54.6612(RP), 10.54.6613(RP), 10.54.6614(RP), 10.54.6615(RP), 10.54.6616(RP), 10.54.6617(RP), 10.54.6618(RP), 10.54.6619(RP), 10.54.6620(RP), 10.54.6621(RP), 10.54.6622(RP), 10.54.6623(RP), 10.54.6624(RP), 10.54.6625(RP), 10.54.6626(RP), 10.54.6627(RP), 10.54.6628(RP), 10.54.6629(RP), 10.54.6630(RP), 10.54.6631(RP), 10.54.6632(RP), 10.54.6633(RP), 10.54.6634(RP), 10.54.6635(RP), 10.54.6636(RP), 10.54.6637(RP), 10.54.6638(RP), 10.54.6639(RP), 10.54.6640(RP), 10.54.6641(RP), 10.54.6642(RP), 10.54.6643(RP), 10.54.6644(RP), 10.54.6645(RP), 10.54.6646(RP), 10.54.6647(RP), 10.54.6648(RP), 10.54.6649(RP), 10.54.6650(RP), 10.54.6651(RP), 10.54.6652(RP), 10.54.6653(RP), 10.54.6654(RP), 10.54.6655(RP), 10.54.6656(RP), 10.54.6657(RP), 10.54.6658(RP), 10.54.6659(RP), 10.54.6660(RP),
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