2017 Montana Administrative Register Issue 20
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    Publish Date: 10/27/2017

Notice No. History Department Summary
   Notice Section
4-17-242 access file AGRICULTURE Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Adoption - Mediation Services.
6-239 access file STATE AUDITOR (Commissioner of Securities and Insurance) Notice of Proposed Adoption and Amendment - Credit for Reinsurance. No Public Hearing Contemplated.
17-391 access file ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY (Solid Waste Management) Amended Notice and Extension of Comment Period on Proposed Adoption - Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM) Waste.
17-393 access file ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY (Board of Environmental Review) (Air Quality) Notice of Proposed Amendment - Incorporation by Reference - Definitions - Applicability - Operating Permit Program Overview - Applicability of Air Quality Rules. No Public Hearing Contemplated.
   Rule Section
4-16-236 access file AGRICULTURE Notice of Decision on Proposed Rule Actions - Pesticide Housekeeping Changes.
4-17-239 access file AGRICULTURE Notice of Adoption, Amendment, and Repeal - Nursery Program.
4-17-240 access file AGRICULTURE Notice of Adoption - Pesticides.
12-474 access file FISH, WILDLIFE, AND PARKS Notice of Amendment - Disease Management.
20-7-65 access file CORRECTIONS Notice of Repeal - Boot Camp Incarceration Program.
23-13-246 access file JUSTICE (Public Safety Officers Standards and Training Council) Notice of Adoption, Amendment, and Repeal - Certification of Public Safety Officers.
24-121-15 access file LABOR AND INDUSTRY (Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists) Notice of Amendment - Licensure by Examination - School Operating Standards - School Curricula - Credited Hours for Montana-Licensed Individuals in a Cosmetology or Barbering Program.
24-182-35 access file LABOR AND INDUSTRY (Board of Private Security) Notice of Amendment, Adoption, and Repeal - Organization - Procedural Rules - Public Participation - Definitions - Fee Schedule - Identification Pocket Card - Insurance and Surety Bond Requirements - Regulations of Uniform - Qualification of Firearms for Armed Endorsement - Requalification Required Annually - Required Information for Application - Military Training or Experience - Written Examination - Temporary Practice Permit - Private Investigator Trainee - Certified Firearms Instructor - Company Licensure and Branch Offices - Firearms Training Courses - Private Investigator Training Program - Private Security Guard Training Program - Security Alarm Installer Training Program - Alarm Response Runner Training Program - Standards for Continuing Education - Annual Continuing Education Requirements - Non-approved Activities - Auditing of Continuing Education Hours - Inactive Status and Conversion to Active Status - Alarm Response Runner - Private Investigator - Private Security Guard - Process Server - Resident Manager - Security Alarm Installer - Nonroutine Applications - Experience Requirements.
44-2-228 access file SECRETARY OF STATE Notice of Amendment - Scheduled Dates for the 2018 Montana Administrative Register.
   Special Notice and Table Section
Pub Notice of Public Hearing Notice of Public Hearing
Function Function of Administrative Rule Review Committee Function of Administrative Rule Review Committee
How How to Use ARM and MAR How to Use ARM and MAR
ACCUM Accumulative Table Accumulative Table

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