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Subchapter: Grants and Loans to Local Governments
Latest version of the adopted rule presented in Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM):

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(1) No application form will be provided. However, to facilitate uniformity, the application must:

(a) be typed, printed, or otherwise legibly reproduced on 8 x 11 inch paper. Maps, drawings, charts, or other documents bound in an application should be cut or folded to 8 x 11 inch size. Maps, drawings, or charts may accompany an application as separate exhibits;

(b) be consecutively numbered. Maps, drawings, or charts accompanying the application as exhibits should be identified as "Exhibit ," and if comprising more than 1 sheet should be numbered "Sheet of ";

(c) state the name, title, telephone number, and post office address of the person to whom communication in regard to the application should be made;

(d) contain a statement agreeing that all materials submitted by the applicant to the department are subject to public scrutiny; and

(e) contain a statement agreeing to keep and maintain adequate financial records for the project in accordance with department accounting procedures.

(2) The department will review the application to determine whether it is in compliance with the act and rules. If the department determines that the application is not in compliance with the act and rules, the department will return the application and notify the applicant in writing, listing the deficiencies. The application may be resubmitted after corrections are made.

(3) At the request of the department, the applicant shall provide any additional documentation or information as the department may deem necessary to insure compliance with the provisions of the act and rules.

(4) If an applicant desires to change or add to an application after it is formally filed, the applicant shall inform the department in writing as soon as possible of the change or addition. If the change or addition will result in a substantial change in the amount of funding requested or the goals and objectives stated in the original application, the department will consider the change or addition to constitute a new application.

(5) If 2 or more local governments make application for a joint solid waste management system, a single application shall be executed by all participating local governments. In addition, such application shall be accompanied by a resolution of each local government setting forth their respective responsibilities and commitments.

(6) If the solid waste management system includes the processing or disposal of solid waste generated by any local government other than the applicant, documentation acceptable to the department shall be submitted to the department setting forth the respective responsibilities and commitments of all parties involved in the project.

(7) Only local governments are eligible to apply for loans or grants under the act.

History: 75-10-106, MCA; IMP, 75-10-106, MCA; NEW, 1977 MAR p. 730, Eff. 10/25/77; AMD, 1981 MAR p. 1101, Eff. 10/1/81; TRANS, from DHES, 1995 MAR p. 2253.


MAR Notices Effective From Effective To History Notes
10/1/1981 Current History: 75-10-106, MCA; IMP, 75-10-106, MCA; NEW, 1977 MAR p. 730, Eff. 10/25/77; AMD, 1981 MAR p. 1101, Eff. 10/1/81; TRANS, from DHES, 1995 MAR p. 2253.
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