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Subchapter: Aircraft Registration
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(1) Initial registration for an aircraft is required when:

(a) the aircraft is newly purchased by an owner who intends to customarily keep the aircraft in Montana;

(b) the aircraft has previously been registered or kept in another state or country and is brought to Montana to be customarily kept in Montana; or

(c) the aircraft is newly registered with the FAA with a Montana address.

(2) Initial registration aircraft owners must contact the department to provide information for department calculation of the prorated fee and department issuance of the registration fee invoice. The owner must:

(a) provide the correct and current aircraft owner name (individual or entity), address, email address, and telephone number;

(b) provide responsible person's (e.g., agent, lessee, employee) name, address, email address, and telephone number if different from owner's information;

(c) provide a power of attorney or corporate authorization (if any) for the aircraft owner's designee to obtain an aircraft registration on the aircraft owner's behalf. All terms and conditions of the aircraft registration apply to an owner's designee;

(d) provide all required supplemental information or materials requested on the invoice;

(e) obtain an access code to pay online or elect to have an invoice mailed to the owner or designee to remit payment by check; and

(f) pay the correct non-refundable registration fee.

(3) Upon receipt of payment, the department shall mail a registration card and decal to the aircraft owner.

(4) Payments must be postmarked or online time-stamped no later than 30 calendar days from the date of invoice.

(5) The owner may request in writing a one-time hardship or unusual circumstances 30-day extension on the department's agency action form available on the department's website, without department imposition of penalty fees. The department may grant a properly requested extension, in writing, at its sole discretion. An extension is not a waiver of fees owed.

(6) If payment is not timely received, the department will assess a statutory penalty fee under 67-3-206, MCA of five times the registration amount, and send a delinquent payment notice.

(7) Fees not received within 14 days of issuance of a delinquency notice will be referred for collection action on the full penalty amount.

(8) Aircraft registration and registration fees are non-transferable. Each new aircraft owner must register the aircraft in the new owner's name and pay the appropriate prorated fees.

(9) Owners of aircraft which are statutorily exempt from registration fees may, prior to the invoice due date, submit a completed fee exemption affidavit, on the invoice provided by the department. Failure to provide a timely fee exemption affidavit will void the exemption and the department must assess and collect the full registration fee and penalty amount.


History: 67-3-101, MCA; IMP, 67-3-101, 67-3-102, 67-3-103, 67-3-201, 67-3-202, 67-3-203, 67-3-204, 67-3-206, MCA, NEW, 2020 MAR p. 184, Eff. 2/1/20.


MAR Notices Effective From Effective To History Notes
18-179 2/1/2020 Current History: 67-3-101, MCA; IMP, 67-3-101, 67-3-102, 67-3-103, 67-3-201, 67-3-202, 67-3-203, 67-3-204, 67-3-206, MCA, NEW, 2020 MAR p. 184, Eff. 2/1/20.
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