Montana Administrative Register Notice 10-55-138 No. 22   11/20/2020    
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BEFORE THE Board of Public Education



In the matter of the adoption of NEW RULES I through IX, the amendment of ARM 10.55.1601, and the repeal of ARM 10.54.6010 through 10.54.6013, 10.54.6020 through 10.54.6023,        10.54.6030 through 10.54.6033, 10.54.6040 through 10.54.6043, 10.54.6050 through 10.54.6053, 10.54.6060 through 10.54.6063, and

10.54.6087 through 10.54.6098,

pertaining to K-12 social studies content standards
















TO: All Concerned Persons


1. On August 7, 2020, the Board of Public Education published MAR Notice No. 10-55-138 pertaining to the public hearing on the proposed adoption, amendment, and repeal of the above-stated rules at page 1446 of the 2020 Montana Administrative Register, Issue Number 15.


2. The board has adopted the following new rules as proposed:


NEW RULE I             ARM 10.53.901        Montana Content Standards for Social Studies

NEW RULE II            ARM 10.53.902        Social Studies Content Standards for Kindergarten

NEW RULE III          ARM 10.53.903        Social Studies Content Standards for First Grade

NEW RULE IV          ARM 10.53.904        Social Studies Content Standards for Second Grade

NEW RULE V           ARM 10.53.905        Social Studies Content Standards for Third Grade

NEW RULE VI          ARM 10.53.906        Social Studies Content Standards for Fourth Grade

NEW RULE VII         ARM 10.53.907        Social Studies Content Standards for Fifth Grade

NEW RULE VIII        ARM 10.53.908        Social Studies Content Standards for Sixth through Eighth Grade

NEW RULE IX          ARM 10.53.909        Social Studies Content Standards for Ninth through Twelfth Grade


            3. The board has amended ARM 10.55.1601 as proposed.


            4.  The board has repealed ARM 10.54.6010 through 10.54.6013, 10.54.6020 through 10.54.6023, 10.54.6030 through 10.54.6033, 10.54.6040 through 10.54.6043, 10.54.6050 through 10.54.6053, 10.54.6060 through 10.54.6063, and 10.54.6087 through 10.54.6098 as proposed.


 5. The board has thoroughly considered the comments and testimony received. A summary of the comments received, and the board's responses are as follows:


COMMENT 1: Mr. Dylan Huisken, former Montana Teacher of the Year, spoke as a proponent of the Social Studies standards. Mr. Huisken noted he was involved in the writing of the standards and was impressed with the level of commitment from the Office of Public Instruction, education partners, and teachers, and believes these standards are well written and a step in the right direction.


RESPONSE 1: The board thanks Mr. Huisken for his work in writing the standards, and for his comments in support of the proposed standards.


             6. The effective date of these rules is July 1, 2021.




/s/ Peter Donovan             /s/ Darlene Schottle                                   

Peter Donovan                   Darlene Schottle

Rule Reviewer                    Chair

                                            Board of Public Education



Certified to the Secretary of State November 10, 2020.


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