Montana Administrative Register Notice 44-2-140 No. 17   09/06/2007    
    Page No.: 1310 -- 1312
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In the matter of the proposed amendment                        ) NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING

of ARM 1.2.419 regarding the                                            ) ON PROPOSED AMENDMENT

scheduled dates for the 2008 Montana                             )

Administrative Register                                                       )


TO: All Concerned Persons


1. On September 27, 2007, a public hearing will be held at 10:00 a.m. in the Secretary of State's Office Conference Room, Room 260, State Capitol Building, Helena, Montana, to consider the proposed amendment of the above-stated rule.


2. The Secretary of State will make reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities who wish to participate in this public hearing or need an alternative accessible format of this notice. If you require an accommodation, contact the Secretary of State no later than 5:00 p.m. on September 21, 2007, to advise us of the nature of the accommodation that you need. Please contact Jean Branscum, Secretary of State's Office, P.O. Box 202801, Helena, MT 59620-2801; telephone (406) 444-5596; FAX (406) 444-4263; e-mail jabranscum@mt.gov.


3. The rule proposed to be amended provides as follows, stricken matter interlined, new matter underlined:


1.2.419 FILING AND PUBLICATION SCHEDULE FOR THE MONTANA ADMINISTRATIVE REGISTER (1) The scheduled filing dates, time deadline, and publication dates for material to be published in the Montana Administrative Register are listed below:


                                                              2007 Schedule


January 2
January 11
January 16
January 25
January 29
February 8
February 12
February 22
February 26
March 8
March 12
March 22
April 2
April 12
April 16
April 26
April 30
May 10
May 14
May 24
May 29
June 7
June 11
June 21
June 25
July 5
July 16
July 26
July 30
August 9
August 13
August 23
August 27
September 6
September 10
September 20
September 24
October 4
October 15
October 25
October 29
November 8
November 13
November 21
November 26
December 6
December 10
December 20


                                                              2008 Schedule


January 7
January 17
January 22
January 31
February 4
February 14
February 19
February 28
March 3
March 13
March 17
March 27
March 31
April 10
April 14
April 24
April 28
May 8
May 12
May 22
June 2
June 12
June 16
June 26
July 7
July 17
July 21
July 31
August 4
August 14
August 18
August 28
September 2
September 11
September 15
September 25
September 29
October 9
October 14
October 23
October 27
November 6
November 17
November 26
December 1
December 11
December 15
December 24


(2) remains the same.


AUTH: 2-4-312, MCA

IMP: 2-4-312, MCA


4. ARM 1.2.419 is proposed to be amended to set dates pertinent to the publication of the Montana Administrative Register during 2008. The schedule is proposed during the month of August in order that it may be adopted during October to allow state agencies the opportunity to plan their rulemaking schedule to meet program needs for the upcoming year.


5. Concerned persons may present their data, views, or arguments, either orally or in writing, at the hearing. Written data, views, or arguments may also be submitted to Jean Branscum, Secretary of State's Office, P.O. Box 202801, Helena, Montana 59620-2801, or by e-mailing jabranscum@mt.gov, and must be received no later than 5:00 p.m., October 4, 2007.


6. Janice Doggett, Secretary of State's Office, P.O. Box 202801, Helena, Montana 59620-2801, has been designated to preside over and conduct the hearing.


7. The Secretary of State maintains a list of interested persons who wish to receive notices of rulemaking actions proposed by this agency. Persons who wish to have their name added to the list shall make a written request which includes the name and mailing address of the person to receive notices and specifies that the person wishes to receive notices regarding administrative rules, corporations, elections, notaries, records, uniform commercial code, or combination thereof. Such written request may be mailed or delivered to the Secretary of State's Office, Administrative Rules Services, 1236 Sixth Avenue, P.O. Box 202801, Helena, MT 59620-2801, faxed to the office at (406) 444-4263, or may be made by completing a request form at any rules hearing held by the Secretary of State's Office.


8. An electronic copy of this Proposal Notice is available through the Secretary of State's web site at http://sos.mt.gov/ARM/Register. The Secretary of State strives to make the electronic copy of the Notice conform to the official version of the Notice, as printed in the Montana Administrative Register, but advises all concerned persons that in the event of a discrepancy between the official printed text of the Notice and the electronic version of the Notice, only the official printed text will be considered. In addition, although the Secretary of State works to keep its web site accessible at all times, concerned persons should be aware that the web site may be unavailable during some periods, due to system maintenance or technical problems.


9. The bill sponsor notice requirements of 2-4-302, MCA, do not apply.



/s/ W. Ralph Peck for                                                           /s/ Janice Doggett

W. RALPH PECK                                                                for JANICE DOGGETT

BRAD JOHNSON                                                                Rule Reviewer

Secretary of State



Dated this 27th day of August 2007.

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