Board and Council Appointees No. 8   04/29/2010    
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Section 2-15-108, MCA, passed by the 1991 Legislature, directed that all appointing authorities of all appointive boards, commissions, committees, and councils of state government take positive action to attain gender balance and proportional representation of minority residents to the greatest extent possible.

One directive of 2-15-108, MCA, is that the Secretary of State publish monthly in the Montana Administrative Register a list of appointees and upcoming or current vacancies on those boards and councils.

In this issue, appointments effective in March 2010 appear. Vacancies scheduled to appear from May 1, 2010, through July 31, 2010, are listed, as are current vacancies due to resignations or other reasons. Individuals interested in serving on a board should refer to the bill that created the board for details about the number of members to be appointed and necessary qualifications.

Each month, the previous month's appointees are printed, and current and upcoming vacancies for the next three months are published. 



Membership on boards and commissions changes constantly. The following lists are current as of April 1, 2010.

For the most up-to-date information of the status of membership, or for more detailed information on the qualifications and requirements to serve on a board, contact the appointing authority.




Appointee                                          Appointed by                   Succeeds                   End Date/


Board of Pardons and Parole (Corrections)

Mr. Darryl Dupuis                              Governor                          reappointed               3/17/2010

Polson                                                                                                                                 1/1/2014

Qualifications (if required):  having education or experience in criminology


Ms. Margaret Hall‑Bowman             Governor                          reappointed               3/17/2010

Pablo                                                                                                                                  1/1/2014

Qualifications (if required):  having education or experience in criminology


Community Health Center Advisory Group (Governor)

Ms. Jill Baker                                     Governor                          Putnam                       3/18/2010

Great Falls                                                                                                                          7/1/2011

Qualifications (if required):  public representative


Ms. Laurie Francis                            Governor                          Clemons                     3/18/2010

Livingston                                                                                                                           7/1/2011

Qualifications (if required):  executive employee of a community health center


Mr. David Herrera                             Governor                          Kenyon                       3/18/2010

Missoula                                                                                                                             7/1/2011

Qualifications (if required):  public representative


Ms. Marge Levine                             Governor                          reappointed               3/18/2010

Helena                                                                                                                                7/1/2011

Qualifications (if required):  representative of the Montana Primary Care Association


Ms. Devri Rockwood                        Governor                          Howell                         3/18/2010

Libby                                                                                                                                   7/1/2011

Qualifications (if required):  chief financial officer of a community health center


Information Technology Board (Administration)

Mr. Tim Burton                                   Governor                          Fasbender                 3/17/2010

Helena                                                                                                                                       0/0/0

Qualifications (if required):  representative a state agency


Mental Disabilities Board of Visitors (Governor)

Ms. Betty Cooper                              Governor                          Lewis                          3/17/2010

Heart Butte                                                                                                                         7/1/2011

Qualifications (if required):  public representative


Ms. Lin Olson                                     Governor                          Raser                          3/17/2010

Helena                                                                                                                                7/1/2011

Qualifications (if required):  consumer of developmental disability services


Mr. Patrick Wayne                            Governor                          Hopkins                      3/17/2010

Missoula                                                                                                                             7/1/2011

Qualifications (if required):  consumer of mental health services


Montana Arts Council (Montana Arts Council)

Mr. Mark Kuipers                              Governor                          reappointed               3/11/2010

Missoula                                                                                                                             2/1/2015

Qualifications (if required):  public representative


Mr. Rob Quist                                    Governor                          reappointed               3/11/2010

Kalispell                                                                                                                              2/1/2015

Qualifications (if required):  public representative


Ms. Jean Steele                                Governor                          Red Star                     3/11/2010

Hamilton                                                                                                                             2/1/2015

Qualifications (if required):  public representative


Ms. Youpa Stein                                Governor                          reappointed               3/11/2010

Arlee                                                                                                                                   2/1/2015

Qualifications (if required):  public representative


Mr. Wilbur Wood                               Governor                          reappointed               3/11/2010

Roundup                                                                                                                             2/1/2015

Qualifications (if required):  public representative


Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission (Natural Resources and Conservation)

Mr. Richard Kirn                                Governor                          Belcourt                      3/17/2010

Poplar                                                                                                                                 6/1/2011

Qualifications (if required):  public representative


Small Business Health Insurance Pool Board (State Auditor)

Ms. Betty Beverly                              Governor                          reappointed               3/11/2010

Helena                                                                                                                                1/1/2013

Qualifications (if required):  consumer


Ms. Katherine Buckley‑Patton         Governor                          Briese‑Zimmer          3/11/2010

Helena                                                                                                                                1/1/2013

Qualifications (if required):  management level individual with knowledge of Medicaid services


Mr. Brian Sheridan                            Governor                          Miles                           3/11/2010

Missoula                                                                                                                             7/1/2011

Qualifications (if required):  private sector representative


Youth Justice Council (Justice)

Mr. Dale Four Bear                           Governor                          reappointed               3/12/2010

Poplar                                                                                                                                 2/9/2012

Qualifications (if required):  competency in addressing problems facing youth


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