Montana Administrative Register Notice 10-1-131 No. 3   02/08/2019    
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In the matter of soliciting applications for membership on a negotiated rulemaking committee to amend ARM10.55.606 pertaining to the procedures in determining accreditation status using student performance measures based on results of the required statewide assessments











TO: All Concerned Persons


1. On January 25, 2019, the Office of Public Instruction published MAR Notice No. 10-1-131, a Notice of Negotiated Rulemaking, at page 80 of the 2019 Montana Administrative Register, Issue Number 2. Paragraphs 6, 7, and 8 of the notice are being amended to extend the timeline for the negotiated rulemaking process. The following is the amended language for paragraphs 6, 7, and 8:


"6. The proposed working schedule for the negotiated rulemaking committee is as follows:

(a) On February 8, 2019, this notice will be published in the Montana Administrative Register (MAR). The notice will also be mailed to persons known to the agency to have an interest in this matter.

(b) Applications for membership on the negotiated rulemaking committee must be received no later than March 12, 2019. After receipt and consideration of the comments and applications, the agency will establish a negotiated rulemaking committee no later than March 27, 2019. The members selected to serve on the committee must be able to adequately represent the interests of the persons that will be significantly affected by the proposed rule amendment. The committee members will be notified in writing of their selection and receive an information packet.

(c) The negotiated rulemaking committee will convene its first meeting on April 4, 2019. Teleconferencing and e-mail correspondence will be utilized as much as possible. The committee will begin with an initial draft of the amendment at this meeting.

(d) The committee will transmit a report to the agency specifying the areas in which the committee has reached consensus and the issues that remain unresolved.

(e) Thereafter the Superintendent of Public Instruction will develop recommendations and present them to the Board of Public Education for formal rulemaking.


7. Any individual or entity interested in applying for or nominating another person for membership on the committee must submit the following information in writing to Linda Vrooman Peterson, lvpeterson@mt.gov, Office of Public Instruction, P.O. Box 202501, Helena, Montana 59620, no later than March 12, 2019:

(a) the person's name or the nominee's name, address, and contact information including telephone or e-mail address where you can be contacted during the summer months and during the school year;

(b) evidence that the person or nominee represents any of the specific criteria of interest groups listed above;

(c) the name of the school district in which the nominee lives or works, and the relationship of the person or nominee to it;

(d) a commitment that the person or nominee will be able to participate in the negotiated rulemaking process and will actively participate in good faith in the development of the proposed rule amendment under consideration; and

(e) the ability of the person or nominee to cover committee participation costs (such as telephone calls, travel, and per diem expenses).


8. Interested parties may submit their views and comments concerning the proposed negotiated rulemaking process to Beverly Marlow, Office of Public Instruction, P.O. Box 202501, Helena, Montana 59620, faxed to (406) 444-2893, or electronic mail to bemarlow@mt.gov no later than March 12, 2019."


2. All other paragraphs contained in the original Notice of Negotiated Rulemaking remain unchanged.



/s/ Kyle A. Moen                                           /s/ Elsie Arntzen

Kyle A. Moen                                               Elsie Arntzen, Superintendent

Rule Reviewer                                             Office of Public Instruction


Certified to the Secretary of State January 29, 2019.

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