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(1) The following table will be used to determine the minimum number of plumbing fixtures to be installed in new buildings:






a. The fixtures shown are based on one fixture being the minimum required for the number of persons indicated or any fraction of the number of persons indicated. The number of occupants shall be determined by the building code.

b. Fixtures located in adjacent buildings under the ownership or control of the church shall be made available during periods the church is occupied.

c. Toilet facilities for employees shall be separate from facilities of inmates or patients.

d. A single-occupant toilet room with one water closet and one lavatory serving not more than two adjacent patient rooms shall be permitted where such room is provided with direct access from each patient room and with provisions for privacy.

e. For day nurseries, a maximum of one bathtub shall be required.

f. Food service establishments or any establishment that sells alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption requires at least one urinal.

g. Single-user unisex facilities shall include a urinal in food service establishments or any establishment that sells alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption.

h. Contact the Department of Public Health and Human Services for additional requirements for food service establishments.

i. At the discretion of the building official, certain nonassembly buildings where food and beverages are not consumed on the premises, may be allowed to furnish only one unisex public toilet if it is accessible in accordance with ICC A117.1.

j. At the discretion of the building official, business and mercantile classifications intended for quick transactions, including takeout, pickup, and drop off businesses having a floor area less than 1200 sq. ft., may utilize facilities located in another building within 500 feet provided the building is open and available during business hours and is accessible in accordance with ICC A117.1.

k. For business and mercantile classifications with an occupant load of 15 or fewer, a service sink shall not be required.

l. Keyed toilets under employee control of the type available at service stations are permitted.

m. Where urinals are provided, notwithstanding the required urinal in footnote g. above, one water closet less than the number specified may be provided for each urinal installed, except the number of water closets in such cases shall not be reduced to less than one-half of the minimum specified.

n. Where single-user unisex facilities are present, the aggregate fixture count shall be equal to the required number of separate facilities.  Where single-user unisex toilet rooms or bathing rooms are clustered at a single location, at least 50 percent but not less than one room for each user at each cluster shall be accessible.

o. Riding arenas as defined in ARM 24.301.146(11) are required to provide separate male and female accessible restrooms which contain a minimum of one water closet and one lavatory.

p. See ARM 24.301.903 for additional requirements and provisions concerning building accessibility.

q. If a specific occupancy is not shown in the table, the building official shall determine on an individual case-by-case basis the requirements for that occupancy.

r. On an individual case-by-case basis the building official may approve an alternative source of potable drinking water, such as, but not limited to, a bottled water cooler, in lieu of a drinking fountain. 


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